The Common Sense Guide To Food

The Common Sense Guide To Food


The only book that takes a common sense approach to diet.


Have you noticed we’ve become religious about food and dietary regimes? Is it surprising that diet commands so much attention, when there are more pressing issues facing humanity? Have you wondered why an out-of-shape doctor is giving you nutritional advice? What are we meant to eat, and is it difficult to eat well?


I spent over a decade with chronic fatigue. I’m well-educated with a high intellect, but that doesn’t give an understanding of human health. My experiences, way of life and learning methods have given a unique education.

Through experimentation I’ve lived without money, and did several stints living without a home. Because I’m not driven (or confined) by money, I think differently. My mind is free to question and explore paradoxes, because I don’t have to support a thought process financially. I have never charged a client unless I’ve repeatedly proven my methods through reason, evidence, experience and logic (REEL).  Most people buy a qualification and hide behind it.


I’ve written this eBook (the first of a series) to offer common sense and reason to the world of diet, health and nutrition. I want to show you how simple it is to change your life.

All proceeds from this and future publications go to the Global Biodynamics fund, to make a better world through education and conservation.


I’m writing these eBooks to my younger self. They would have changed my life when I needed it most.

Tom Barnett.